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China.Org--On March 27th,in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the CPC’sfounding,with the aimof carryingforward red culture, accelerating theconstruction of Hainan Free Trade Port, inspiring the masses’patriotism and bringing people closer to the education of party history, the Promotion of 2021 Hainan Red Tourism Cultural Events Series themed with“following the trails left by the Qiongya redguerilla and the red tradition lasting for 100-year long” islaunched at thememorial park of Hainan’sliberation in Lingao county, Hainanprovince.

中国网3月27日讯 今年是中国共产党建党100周年。为弘扬红色文化,助力海南自贸港建设,激发广大群众爱党爱国热情,让党史教育深入群众、深入人心,以“重走琼崖红军之路,追逐百年红色足迹”为主题的2021年海南红色旅游文化系列推广活动,将于3月27日在位于临高县的海南解放公园正式启动。

It wasunderstood that thelaunching ceremony of the Promotion of 2021 Hainan Red Tourism Cultural Events Series also works as aparty historylearning experience within Hainan’sadministrative system of culture and tourism. Over 500participants including representatives fromtourism enterprises,secondary and high school students, hikers,cyclists and RV campers gather at the park, they will set foot on the“routes” left by Qiongya redguerilla and trace the footprints of theprevious martyrs.


14boutique tourism routes of“Red-Blue-Green”featured with redresources in Hainanwill belaunched on Ctrip,Qunar,Fliggy as awell as other OTAplatforms. Tourist destinations in 15cities and countiesincluding Haikou,Sanya,Sansha,Wenchang,Ding’an,Qionghai, Wanning and Qiongzhong,in order to highlight therevolution spirit of the current timewith red,introduction toattractive villages with green, and feature the charm of the iiocean with blue. The design of routes is thoughtful, warm and high-quality, which enables tourists to immerse the red culture and red spirit, as well as the charm of Hainan's tropical rain forest and blue ocean.


Thereason why the launching ceremony was chosen to be held in thememorial park of Hainan‘s liberation is that 71 years ago, Lingao Jiao, facing the Leizhou Peninsula across the sea, was the landing point for the battle of the liberation of Hainan Island. Today, the park has been built into a national red tourism scenic spot, attracting numerous tourists from both inside and outside the island to come here to remember the revolutionary martyrs every year.


A series of promotional activities on red tourism and culture will also be launched at the launch ceremony. For example, the"Red, Blue, Green" Hainan Tourist Route Photo Exhibition will focus on Hainan's red + blue, red + green and other tourism resources, in the form of pictures, illustrations and texts, to display Hainan's rich tourism resources and products from all angles. At the same time, the previous collection activitieswill also be included to display the painting, photography and other creative works of famous masters and painters in the collection activities. It is reported that the photo exhibition will last for one month. After the launching ceremony, citizens can keep enjoying the exhibition at the Hainan Provincial Museum.


At the launching ceremony, a 100-person cycling group composed of cycling enthusiasts from Jing Gangshan Jiangxiprovince, Yan'an, Shaanxi province, Baise,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,Lufeng, Guangdongprovince and other famous red tourist destinations, together with cycling enthusiasts in Hainan Province, start a 4-day cycling tripwithin Hainan Island. Thecyclists will start from Lingao Cape, then head to Danzhou, Lingshui, Wanning, Dingan, Qionghai and Wenchang, along the route they will pay visit to the Wuzhishan revolutionary base, Lingshui Soviet site, Liulian martyr cemetery, Muruishan revolutionary base, red detachment memorial park, memorialhouse of general Zhang Yunyi as well as other red tourism scenic spots in Hainan.


“Keep Going Forward”themed China RV red tour will alsostart“around the island” red tour along the silk road on the sea in Hainan, at the launching ceremony. It is reported that the RV camping team from Changsha travelled to Hainan via Zhanjiang. The RV team will station in thememorial park of Hainan’s liberation at Lingao Cape and Haikou Baishamen RV camp. Apart from that,they will also visit the“world geological park”,Leiqiong Volcano, and the Feng Xiaogang Film Commune, blending the revolutionary history in the development of the modern world. It is like a red baptism to pass down the immortal red gene.


The year of 2021 marks not only the 100thanniversary of the CPC’sfounding,but also the 71thanniversary of Hainan’s liberation. Atthe launching ceremony, the 4-month-long“stamp collection” for red tour in Hainan activity beginssynchronously. 71sites across the province have been chosen for the“stampcollection”exclusively,which includes not only sites of redtourism but also landmark sites in Hainan. It isestimated that there will be over 50,000participants attracted to theactivity. It was understood that tourists and citizens may obtain thebrochure for stamps at various ofconsulting centers, airports, bullet train stations, hotels andscenicspots in Hainan. Each of the 71sites has itsindividual place for stamp collection, providing citizens andtourists with many sorts ofsouvenirs. The ultimate prize would be a cruise ship to the Xisha Islands,also tickets toscenic spots, hotel roomvouchers,duty-freecommodity coupons as well as Hainan’s cultural and creative productsare offered. More detailedInformation will be shown on the Iwt.hainan.gov.cn.