Hainan Airlines launched direct flight from Haikou to Moscow




Photo/Artem Beliaikin

At 19:15 on December 25, with the departure of Hainan Airlines flight HU765 from Haikou Meilan International Airport, the Haikou-Moscow route operated by Hainan Airlines was officially opened. According to statistics, Haikou has opened 46 international and regional routes in 2019, and the navigable cities that cover a total of 35 hot cities in 20 countries and regions.

It is informed that the Haikou⇌ Moscow route is operated by Airbus A330, with one flight every Wednesday. The outbound flight is HU765. It takes off from Haikou at 19:15 and lands in Moscow at 5:20 the next day. The inbound flight is HU766. It departs from Moscow at 7:20 every Thursday and arrives at Haikou at 16:25. (The above time is Beijing time)

The Russian capital, Moscow, is a well-known international metropolis with many places of historic sites like the Kremlin Palace. The city is beautifully planned. It has the reputation of"the capital in the forest" and is well received by tourists from home and abroad.

It is reported that as of now, Meilan International Airport has received more than 100,000 visa-free visitors from 59 countries, an increase of 37.7% year-on-year. 31 visa-free routes are covering 13 countries, including Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Italy.

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