Explore rain forest in Bawangling, enjoy Kapok blossom by Changhua River




Kapok trees by Changhua River.

From December this year to March next year, Changjiang county will hold a series of cultural tourism activities based on the two main tourism resources of Bawangling and kapok, to further promote the city image with the characteristics of"Li ethnic culture and beautiful environment".

The end of winter and the beginning of spring are the golden time to travel in Changjiang. Relying on the two major tourism resources of Bawangling and Kapok, Changjiang launched the first Bawangling tropical rainforest eco-cultural tourism activity at the end of 2018. Since then, the theme activities of"climbing Bawangling in winter" and"enjoying Kapok blossom in Spring" have created a golden tourism season in Changjiang.

Dancing performance during the"Double Third Festival".

It is understood that the golden tourism season of Changjiang"Winter-Spring Festival" will last for 4 months, with the theme of"Explore rain forest in Bawangling and enjoy Kapok blossom by Changhua River", and will continue to be held until March 2020. The event mainly consists of the China Changjiang Orientation Open and the Hainan Changjiang Kapok Blossom • Beautiful Country Life Festival.

Among them, the China Changjiang Orientation Open will be held from December 27 to 28 this year in Bawangling National Forest Park. This is the second time that the national class-B orienteering sports event has settled in Changjiang. With the core of"traveling through the rain forest", the competition will take the rare virgin tropical rain forest as the playing field, which will fully demonstrate the unique tropical rain forest culture of Changjiang.

The gibbons inhabit in Bawangling.

According to the reports, the competition consists of four categories: elite group, adult group, team group, and parent-child group. There are two competitions: short-distance orientation and mountaineering orientation. Among them, the track of the mountaineering directional race is set on the most natural characteristic road to encourage more people to approach the nature and participate in outdoor sports. At present, the online registration channel for the event has been fully opened. Citizens from both inside and outside the province can register for the event by visiting the official website (http://bm.orienteering.cn) or following the relevant WeChat public account.

Known for the"Hometown of Kapok in China", Changjiang will hold the Kapok Blossom • Beautiful Country Life Festival in the blooming season of Kapok in January to March 2020. The festival will consist of various activities with the theme of Kapok, such as appreciating Kapok blossom, creative terrace landscape and ethnic performance.

The Changjiang Wetland Part attracts various birds to inhabit there.

It is worth mentioning that as the birthplace of"Double Third Festival", a traditional festival for the Li and Miao minority peoples, Changjiang has a magnificent national culture and unique folk customs. In 2020, Changjiang will be the main venue of Hainan Li and Miao traditional festival"Double Third Festival", with much wonderful activities to be expected.

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